A New Weapon

For Your Mobile Security Arsenal

Software- or App-based encryption alone cannot protect your private calls and meetings. The award-winning Vysk QS1 case turns the world’s most popular smartphones into the world’s most secure form of communication.

Introducing the Vysk QS1 Case

The Vysk QS1 Quantum Security Case offers you the power to encrypt your calls and block all eavesdropping at the slide of a switch. With the QS1, you can jam your smartphone's native microphones, shutter your cameras, use an independent encryption processor and separate secure audio hardware to make truly private end-to-end encrypted voice calls. The Vysk QS1 delivers secure calls and meetings in a form that’s intuitive, non-intrusive, and easy to use.

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True End-to-End Encryption

A 3-pronged solution for encrypted calls

Hardware Security

The Vysk QS1 case provides a secure ecosystem to encrypt voice calls.

Software Security

The Vysk Voice App serves as the dialer for the QS1 and interface with the Vysk Privacy Network.

Network Security

The Vysk Privacy Network securely transmits encrypted data while minimizing metadata trails. Self-hosted solutions available.

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Privacy Apps

Vysk Voice

Send and receive encrypted QS1 calls, manage contact lists, and adjust settings.

Vysk Gallery

Take, store, and encrypt both photos and videos within the App. Features include multiple password protected galleries and self-destruct capabilities.

Vysk Text

Encrypt messages using industry-leading AES-256. Features include self-destructing messages and screenshot warnings.

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