Mar 07, 2017

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Vysk Addresses WikiLeaks Threat with Unique Technology

Texas Technology Company Protects Against Attacks Highlighted in News

San Antonio, TX -- On March 7, WikiLeaks released a trove of confidential documents comprising thousands of pages that describe sophisticated software tools used by governments to hack into the world’s most popular smartphones, including Apple’s iPhone models and the Samsung Galaxy line. According to the report, government agencies have been able to bypass software encryption placed on the phones.

This latest WikiLeaks release states that both allied intelligence services and the CIA are capable of bypassing encryption on popular smartphone and messaging services such as Signal, Telegram, and WhatsApp. They go on to say that the US government can hack into smartphones and collect “audio and message traffic before encryption is applied.” They can even do this on computers and Internet-connected devices such as smart TVs.

Only one company has been able to prevent such intrusions, San Antonio-based Vysk. Vysk is noted for its award-winning QS1 system, a mobile security product that provides encrypted voice communication while jamming the smartphone’s microphones to preclude eavesdropping. It is the only solution that combines the synergy of hardware and software. “We knew that software alone was never going to be up to the challenge of securing today’s smartphones,” says Vysk CEO and founder, Victor Cocchia. “We would need to create a solution that leveraged the synergy of hardware and software, and it needed to be intuitive, easy to use, and nonintrusive. Vysk has not only achieved these objectives, its products have also been rigorously tested and their performance validated by a number of independent agencies and government organizations.”

The QS1 uses a physically separate audio system and encryption processor to create a completely secure pathway for voice data. No other device on the market provides either the security or convenience of the QS1, a system that works with leading smartphone brands and requires only a single button to activate. Not only has Vysk ensured that its users are protected against the types of intrusion revealed by the recent WikiLeaks releases, it does so in a fashion that makes privacy easy.

Recent news events such as Apple’s conflict with the FBI have increased awareness of the importance of privacy and have helped to make ‘encryption’ a household word. The privacy technology market, while still nascent, is rapidly expanding to meet the security needs of global organizations. In just the past twenty-four months, dozens of startups have emerged offering technology solutions to address the data protection and risk management needs of corporations and governments.

Most people incorrectly believe that their smartphone is the endpoint they should be concerned about, when, in fact, the vulnerable endpoints are the smartphone’s cameras and microphones. Because of these vulnerabilities, software solutions alone provide insufficient protection. The QS1 proprietary hardware encrypts all voice data before it reaches the potentially compromised environment of the smartphone. Users’ encrypted calls are then transmitted securely over the Vysk Privacy Network to other QS1 users.

Vysk not only ensures that its customers’ phone calls are secure, but also protects them against the kinds of attacks highlighted in today’s news release—attacks in which outside agents eavesdrop on day-to-day conversations and can see whatever the camera is seeing at all times.

Founded in 2013, Vysk is a market leader and manufacturer of private, secure mobile communications solutions for businesses, governments, and high-profile individuals. In keeping with its mission to redefine and restore privacy in the digital age, Vysk has created a unique suite of hardware, software, and network protection tools to secure users’ mobile data. Headquartered in San Antonio, TX, Vysk holds more than a dozen patents related to encryption, privacy and security. Visit for more information about Vysk and its products.