Feb 17, 2016

Contact: Hector Nieto, 956-251-2902

Cocchia: Apple is Right to Fight the Federal Court Order

Victor Cocchia, CEO and Co-Founder of San Antonio Based Vysk Communications, released the following statement regarding the recent federal court order forcing Apple to give up its encryption key:

"We must not let the FBI and politicians who agree with them to capitalize on the horrible tragedy of San Bernardino and deprive us of our privacy in this increasingly digital world. What seems to be an innocuous request today could one day become the basis for widespread abuse, creating a situation in which companies are forced to breach the covenant they hold with customers to protect their information."

"As the debate over encryption grows, it must be remembered that our fundamental rights, including our right to privacy, are not subservient to the desires of law enforcement. Encryption may make life marginally tougher for those who prosecute wrongdoers, but no more so than the right to defense counsel, or the Fifth Amendment right against self incrimination, or countless other basic protections. The benefits of encrypted technology to consumers, to businesses, and to private citizens far outweigh the government’s need to create access based on isolated incidents. One bad apple shouldn’t mean we cut down the entire apple tree."

Victor Cocchia is an Army veteran and Columbia University graduate. His company, Vysk Communications, is a market leader and manufacturer of mobile security communications. Founded in 2012, Vysk's mission is to redefine, and restore, privacy in the digital age. Vysk's combination of encrypted hardware with encrypted software delivers the ultimate in privacy solutions. Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, with its R&D and engineering arm in San Francisco, California, Vysk holds more than a dozen patents related to encryption, privacy and security.