Sep 24, 2015

Contact: Hector Nieto, 956-251-2902

Vysk Communications Announces Exclusive Sales & Distribution Agreement with Latin American Partners

(San Antonio, TX) - Malware attacks on smartphones are on the rise globally. Consumers and businesses are spending billions of dollars to protect themselves from cyber criminals. Vysk Communications, the leader in mobile security that focuses on everyday privacy solutions for consumers and businesses, will launch with High-Performance IT Services and Solutions (HITSS) to distribute and sell its flagship QS1 Enterprise Privacy Case and Vysk Privacy Network in Latin America.

“With this partnership, Vysk Communications will be able to deliver an evolutionary mobile security solution that fits seamlessly into the lives of smartphone users located in Mexico and Latin America,” said Victor Cocchia, CEO and Co-founder of Vysk Communications. “Vysk technology is disrupting the communications industry with truly private hardware voice communications, end-to-end encrypted text messaging, and an encrypted vault for your photos. Consumers in business, government, and consumer communities will be introduced to our groundbreaking smartphone cases that offer privacy and security for voice conversations unlike anything else currently on the market.”

The flagship Vysk QS1 System has a jamming system for all microphones, a dedicated encryption processor for secure calling, two mechanical camera shutters, and a dedicated 3.5 mm jack for secure hands-free calling via wired headset. Encryption takes place at the source, not in software, and is made even more secure with the Vysk Privacy Network.

“We are eager to distribute the Vysk QS1 case with encrypted calling to those businesses and government entities, as well as individuals who are seeking privacy at the flip of a switch,” said High-Performance IT Services and Solutions (HITSS) CEO. “This partnership with Vysk Communications will provide Latin Americans with the needed privacy everyone deserves.”

“HITSS provide Latin America the best IT services and mobile communications. We are extremely proud to partner with them,” added Cocchia.

Vysk Communications is a market leader and manufacturer of private secure communications solutions. Founded in 2012, Vysk's mission is to redefine, and restore, privacy in the digital age. Vysk's combination of encrypted hardware with encrypted software delivers the ultimate in privacy solutions to all markets, from enterprise to retail. Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, with its R&D and engineering arm in San Francisco, California, Vysk holds more than a dozen patents related to encryption, privacy and security.

Victor Cocchia is Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Vysk Communications, a San Antonio, TX/San Francisco, CA based company developing the most evolutionary privacy technology on the market. Victor is an Army veteran and attended Columbia University.