Mar 01, 2015

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San Antonio Based Vysk Communications Makes CNBC Top 10 List

Company Releases Next Generation EP1 Smartphone Privacy Case Exclusively for iPhone 6

(San Antonio, TX) -- On Sunday March 1st, the QS1 Smartphone Privacy Case by Vysk Communications, a San Antonio based market leader and manufacturer of private secure communications solutions, was recognized as one of the “10 Cool Gadgets to Better Your Business” by CNBC. Known for its evolutionary privacy technology, Vysk combines patented hardware – including its own dedicated hardware processor, audio processor, its own speaker, separate microphone, camera shutters and patented microphone jammers – with encryption software to provide superior levels of privacy. The result is an everyday, non-intrusive, and easy-to-use smartphone case that can be used for any application of business or personal use.

“Here at Vysk Communications, where your privacy and security is our only priority, we are honored to receive this acknowledgment from CNBC,” said Co-founder and CEO of Vysk Communications, Victor Cocchia. “With every downloaded app, snapped picture, or text received, a person makes themselves vulnerable to the prying, predatory eyes of both skilled and amateur hackers alike. This is why Vysk Communications remains committed to providing the ability for everyone, everywhere, to experience privacy.”

In addition to the acknowledgment from CNBC, Vysk communications announced the release of its EP1 Smartphone Privacy Case exclusively for iPhone 6. The next generation of privacy smartphone case fits seamlessly into anyone’s busy life, while also providing the convenience of a battery charging case and the privacy and security only Vysk can offer. The Vysk privacy apps apply powerful technology to protect your text messages, photos, and videos. Together, this combination of hardware and software will provide the ultimate protection for families and businesses alike.

“With the release of the EP1 Smartphone Privacy Case, everyone -- from the busy professional wanting to protect their business to a parent wanting to protect their children -- will have access to the privacy and security they deserve,” added Cocchia. “In today’s digital world, we understand you keep your world on your phone. Our smartphone cases and apps are here to keep the rest of the world out.”

Victor Cocchia is Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Vysk Communications, a San Antonio, TX/San Francisco, CA based company developing the most evolutionary privacy technology on the market. Victor is an Army veteran and Columbia University graduate.

Vysk Communications is a market leader and manufacturer of private secure communications solutions. Founded in 2012, Vysk's mission is to redefine, and restore, privacy in the digital age. Vysk's combination of encrypted hardware with encrypted software delivers the ultimate in privacy solutions to all markets, from enterprise to retail. Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, with its R&D and engineering arm in San Francisco, California, Vysk holds more than a dozen patents related to encryption, privacy and security.