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The Mission

Defense of a nation and security of its critical information assets are commitments that demand the very best from everyone involved, which, in turn, requires the uncompromising security of the communications that are a daily part of accomplishing that mission. But training and diligence are not enough. Those charged with ensuring national security need the very latest technology and tools to ensure that strategic and tactical communications are 100% secure from intrusion and compromise.

The Challenge

Whether it’s a military campaign or defense contract negotiation, the thousands of professionals who protect the nation’s citizens and property are in constant communication with one another—trained, dedicated individuals who need assurance that their most sensitive information is known only to those with a need to know. And that means ensuring that no unauthorized third parties are listening in. Which is where Vysk enters the picture.

The Solution

There is one — and only one — true end-to-end solution to this challenge, the Vysk QS1 mobile encryption system. Whether front-line soldier or security analyst, active duty military or government civil service, equipping every individual’s existing mobile phone with the QS1 encryption case ensures that the nation’s most sensitive information is protected from prying eyes and ears. The system is easy to install and learn, and it works with the mobile phones defense professionals already use.

The Bottom Line

There is no greater national priority than security and defense. It is incumbent on the providers of that security to take every conceivable measure to ensure the privacy of their mobile communications, lest critical operations are compromised and ultimately the mission itself placed at risk.

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