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The Challenge

In the world of banking and finance, a company’s most valuable asset is its reputation for trustworthiness. Following the ravages of 2008 and the brand damage (or in some cases, outright disappearance) of some of the world’s most respected financial institutions, recreating that trust is still, for many, a work in progress. Part of earning and keeping that trust is being known for protecting the confidentiality of client information. Companies that can demonstrate they truly treat this confidentiality with the seriousness it deserves possess a market advantage that is critical to long-term business success and will be difficult for competitors to emulate.

The Opportunity

Whether it’s commercial or investment banking, financial services, or a brokerage house, the professionals who own the company’s most valuable relationships are in constant contact with their clients—savvy individuals who demand assurances that their most personal information is known only to that trusted advisor. That means knowing that no unauthorized third parties are listening in on private conversations.

The Solution

There is only one true end-to-end solution to this challenge: the Vysk QS1 mobile encryption system. By outfitting each team member’s existing mobile phone with the QS1 Quantum Security Case and the Vysk Privacy Network, the client’s most sensitive personal and financial information is protected from identity thieves, hackers, and anyone else who has no business knowing the client’s business. The system is intuitive, non-intrusive, and works with the smartphones finance professionals already have.

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