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The Challenge

Performance expectations for the nation’s healthcare infrastructure and professionals have been in state of flux in recent years as regulations have evolved and the insurance marketplace has shifted to accommodate the demands of the Affordable Care Act. But one aspect of healthcare management has remained largely unchanged, the need for absolute confidentiality of patient information. Complying with this requirement demands the very best from everyone involved, which, in turn, requires the uncompromising security of the communications that are a daily part of life in the healthcare field.

The Opportunity

Unlike many other industries, the healthcare sector is governed by a rigorous privacy framework in the form of HIPAA and ARRA regulations. So not only is patient trust and confidentiality at risk due to potential privacy breaches, so too is the commercial viability of the healthcare enterprise itself. Creating genuine competitive advantage in the information privacy space is, therefore, more challenging than in other verticals, since all market participants are already working from a well-understood set of rules. But with the growing impact of BYOD business practices and the increasing mobility of medical professionals, there is, nevertheless, opportunity to distinguish a company by implementing leading-edge mobile privacy technology. Which is where Vysk enters the picture.

The Solution

There is one — and only one — true end-to-end solution to this challenge, the Vysk QS1 mobile encryption system. Whether nurse or doctor, lab technician or check-in clerk, equipping each healthcare professional’s mobile phone with the QS1 encryption case ensures that every patient’s sensitive information is protected from prying eyes and ears. The system is easy to install and learn, and it works with the mobile phones that healthcare professionals already use.

The Bottom Line

The healthcare industry is charged with managing the quality and duration of peoples’ lives. As such, it is incumbent on the doctors, nurses, and support personnel who hold this critical responsibility that they take every conceivable measure to ensure the privacy of their mobile communications, lest sensitive patient information fall into the wrong hands.

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