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The Challenge

Legal professionals, whether in private practice or in-house counsel, share two current challenges: the never-ending need to ensure client confidentiality and the increasing adoption of mobile communication technology. These are, unfortunately, at odds with one another, leaving law firms struggling with how to ensure confidentiality of sensitive client information in an age of bring-your-own-device mobile phone adoption. The company that gains competitive advantage in such an environment is the one that embraces the communications technology that maximizes the flexibility of their attorneys while also ensuring the protection of sensitive information that clients demand. That means knowing that no unauthorized third parties are listening in on private conversations. Which is where Vysk enters the picture.

The Solution

There is one — and only one — true end-to-end solution to this challenge, the Vysk QS1 mobile encryption system. By integrating each legal professional’s existing mobile phone with the QS1 encryption case, the client’s most sensitive personal information is protected from identity thieves, hackers, and anyone else who has no business knowing the client’s business. The system is easy to install and learn, and it works with the mobile phones that attorneys already use every day.

The Bottom Line

In the legal profession nothing outweighs client confidentiality. Any step that a law firm can take to help build and retain that trust is a competitive advantage that can help to ensure the success of the firm in an industry currently mired in low growth and relentless mergers and acquisitions.

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