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Vysk Voice App

Vysk Voice allows users to make secure calls when paired with the Vysk QS1 Quantum Security Case for the iPhone and a subscription to the Vysk Privacy Network. Vysk Voice serves as dialer and contact list interface for Vysk’s True End-to-End (TruE2E) encryption system for making and receiving secure voice calls.

Third party attackers can hijack your smartphone’s native microphones by using intrusive/spoofed apps, spyware, malware, or by attacking the baseband processor. Security experts have demonstrated that software-only encryption cannot effectively protect your voice calls in a compromised smartphone.

Unlike software-only solutions, Vysk’s innovative TruE2E system combines software and network security with hardware encryption to prevent third parties from eavesdropping on your conversations.

Vysk Voice provides an intuitive interface for making and receiving secure voice calls. The App connects your calls to and from other QS1-protected smartphones using the Vysk Privacy Network, which is designed so that third parties cannot collect any descriptive metadata to identify call participants or gather any revealing information about a call. You can be sure that once your secure call is connected, your voice audio can only be decrypted by the call recipient’s QS1. In this way, your conversations are truly protected from end to end in both directions.

Secure Gallery

Store your photos and videos in an encrypted, password-protected gallery app. The Vysk Gallery app is free to use, and designed to work with the Vysk case to provide everyday privacy protection for your photos and videos.

Protect Your Personal Moments
  • Take photos and videos with a built-in camera interface for storage within the EP1 Gallery
  • Import photos and videos from your native iPhone Photos app
Separate and Secret Galleries
  • Organize photos into two separate inner galleries (e.g. one for work photos and one for personal photos)
  • Access each gallery with a unique PIN from the PIN screen
Destroy All Photos and Videos
  • Enter a self-destruct code to wipe all data within the app

Secure Text

Keep your text conversations private and secure with the Vysk Private Text app. End-to-end encryption prevents hackers or anyone else from accessing your private text messages, your Vysk contact list, or shared photos. You're even protected from us, because your encrypted content is only on our servers long enough to be delivered to your trusted contacts. Once your message or attachment has been sent to the recipient, it is removed forever.

You don’t have to change the way you live your life to protect your privacy. Vysk is a company founded on the principle of ensuring that everyone, everywhere can Experience Privacy. Our innovative Everyday solutions are designed for ease of use, while keeping your everyday moments personal and private.

Vysk Private Text app features:
  • End-to-End Encryption
  • Password Protection
  • Encrypted Photo Attachments
  • Snooping Protection
  • Screenshot Protection
  • Screen Locking

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