Information is Power

Vysk's Enterprise Solutions give your organization the tools it needs to protect your confidential smartphone conversations.

Your phone can't be trusted

Malware can monitor a smartphone's communications - by hijacking the smartphone's native microphones, speakers, and cameras - and record private communication before it is encrypted.

But now it can be

Our smartphone cases shutter your cameras, block your smartphone's microphones, and provide confidential private voice calls.

Introducing the Vysk QS1 Case

The Vysk QS1 Quantum Security Case offers you the power to encrypt your calls and block all eavesdropping at the slide of a switch. With the QS1, you can jam your smartphone's native microphones, shutter your cameras, use an independent encryption processor and separate secure audio hardware to make truly private end-to-end encrypted voice calls. The Vysk QS1 delivers secure calls and meetings in a form that’s intuitive, non-intrusive, and easy to use.

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QS1 Hardware Features

Hardware Encryption

An internal processor powers industry-leading encryption algorithm

Camera Shutter

Prevent hackers from accessing your phone's cameras

HD Audio Processor

Experience crystal clear sound quality

Microphone Jammer

Patented technology locks down your phone's built-in microphones

AES 256

An advanced encryption algorithm ensures the security of your conversations

MITM Protection

Manually confirm the security of your calls with one-use codes to prevent third-party attacks

Battery Indicator

Displays the amount of battery power available on your QS1 case

Secure Hands Free

A built-in secure headphone port combines privacy and convenience

Privacy at your Fingertips

Lockdown Mode

Patented Hardware Solution

The patented QS1 hardware is manually activated, ensuring that no malware can ever interfere. Flip a single switch to physically activate the microphone jammer, shutter the front and rear cameras, and power on the built-in encryption processor.

Private Call Mode


A microphone within the QS1 case picks up sound and transmits it to the built-in processor, which transforms sound waves into data and encrypts it.


The data is then sent to the Vysk Privacy network to a server that sends the data to the Vysk caller on the other end.


The call will be decrypted by the Vysk QS1 case on the other end and audio data is projected through the Vysk QS1 case.

Impenetrable Hardware

The QS1's built-in jammer has been independently tested and verified for effectiveness by a third party audio expert in a blind parametric study. No amount of state-of-the-art post-processing could decipher the underlying audio. The study used the Vysk technology with an iPhone while various scripted speech samples were read into the phone's microphone as a user would do during a phone call.

After state-of-the-art post-processing

What a typical eavesdropper would hear

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