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Backed by more than a dozen patents, Vysk's True End-to-End Encryption (TruE2E) is the only solution that secures voice calls from the caller's lips to the recipient's ears

Hardware Security: The Vysk QS1 Case

The Vysk QS1 privacy case for Enterprise overcomes the inherent shortcomings of software-only encryption solutions by extending end-to- end encryption to the smartphone itself. When activated, the QS1’s proprietary microphone jammers and camera shutters disable the smartphone’s built-in microphone, speakers, and cameras. Vysk’s secure, independent microphone then transmits your voice directly to our state of the art onboard encryption processor.

Only after your voice data is encrypted is it then passed to the cellular network, at which point the Vysk Voice app routes the data securely and anonymously via the Vysk Privacy Network to the recipient, whose QS1 then decrypts the voice data and uses its independent speakers to play the audio. By encrypting voice data entirely outside the smartphone, the QS1 ensures that no unencrypted data is handled by a potentially compromised device, and that third parties cannot circumvent the encryption by exploiting endpoint vulnerabilities in your phone. This is true end-to- end encryption (“TruE2E”).

Hardware vs. Software Encryption: In example A, a software-based secure call fails to protect voice data all the way from one endpoint (the caller’s microphone) to the other (the recipient’s speaker). True E2EE requires a hardware solution, as in example B — here the call is protected from caller’s mouth to the recipient’s ear.

Meet the QS1 Case

Software Privacy: The Vysk Voice App

The heart of the Vysk TruE2E mobile privacy system is the Vysk Voice App. The software is easily downloaded onto your phone and, once installed, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your confidential calls are protected by state-of-the-art military-grade encryption. Unlike software-only privacy solutions that leave your phone’s endpoints (mikes and speakers) exposed to hackers, the Vysk TruE2E solution is an integrated package of hardware and software that work together to provide the strongest mobile privacy ecosystem available in the market today.

Vysk Privacy App Suite

Vysk Privacy Network

Your mobile privacy solution is only as good as the back-end infrastructure that supports and controls it. And the core of that infrastructure is our proprietary server network that ensures that only your intended call recipient is listening to your conversation. The complex process of exchanging encryption keys and validating end-to- end call integrity is handled in a seamless manner that results in calls with no discernible degradation in call quality, delay, echo, or other distractions.

And because your back-end infrastructure is only effective if it’s easy to administer and update, the Vysk back-end network includes an easy-to- use admin portal that is accessible from any device connected to the Internet. The admin portal allows simple initiation and shut-down of QS1 devices and provides your system administrator with single-point visibility into every aspect of your system’s operation.

Software-only Encryption vs. Vysk TruE2E Encryption: In combination with the QS1 case and Vysk Voice app, the Vysk Privacy Network completes a fully-secured chain between the caller and recipient, ensuring true end-to-end encryption for voice calling.

Vysk Privacy Network

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